My momma says that everybody and their dog blogs. I wasn't writing a single solitary thing, but I'm correcting that right now. When momma got me she named me The Pink Party Poodle for Peace, now I guess I'm The Pink Party Poodle for Peace Pontificating. My pontification of the day is to tell you that the purpose of life is to have fun, hee, hee, and chase lizards. I love to chase lizards--never catch them though, they taste like rotten toes.

I'm Thinking

I'm Thinking

Monday, July 17, 2017

It Rains Here Too

It’s the sort of rain that makes the air smell like Easter, and you want to run and run, try not to trip on your tongue, fall down, let your tongue droop onto the ground, get up, run again.

Momma, don’t be in a hurry to get here, you still have work to do on earth, and it is splendid on earth, just know that the other side is even more splendid.

I see you published your book A Dog, God, & Me. I’m glad.

Gabe’s glad too. Even though the book is fiction, Gabe loves that he is the hero in it when he find’s God’s book.

Gabe plays with me every day, hips don’t hurt, and he runs just like me.  Tell sister that Aske is like a sentinel watching over everything—we dogs like a job. Play is good, being useful a necessary.

Remember when I was a puppy and too small to get on the bed? I would jump up on Gabe's back who was lying right next to you on the floor, and then I could pop right up on the bed.

He never got on the bed and was never jealous. He lived longer on earth because he could help me.

Momma, I hope people buy your book. It’s being passed around here, and a lot of fur faces have licked it—I suppose that’s the reason the cover is so shiny. The book that it's about will show up again on earth at another time, in someone else’s hands.

And since it is your conversation with God, (we call it the 'Great Spirit" here) someone else's conversation will be a different story.

People can find it now, not in the forest, but on 

Yep. there it is.

Love you, Peaches

Thursday, May 18, 2017

You Know What?

I saw John yesterday.

You know how he leaned on a cane because his back hurt?

Well, that John was striding along like a young buck. He carried something that looked like a tool case, so I followed him.

He came to an area where parts of an airplane were strewn around on the ground.

Tell Dad. 

John was building a gyrocopter just like he and Dad had planned.

See, it really is as they say as above so below, or in this case as below so above.

Just because you are on the other side doesn’t mean you don’t have wants and dreams.

I’m going over to say Hi.

He’ll remember me.

It’ll be noisy around here when he gets that gyrocopter going, but I won’t have to worry that he’ll kill himself.

Momma, here’ a lick for you. Love you always.