My momma says that everybody and their dog blogs. I wasn't writing a single solitary thing, but I'm correcting that right now. When momma got me she named me The Pink Party Poodle for Peace, now I guess I'm The Pink Party Poodle for Peace Pontificating. My pontification of the day is to tell you that the purpose of life is to have fun, hee, hee, and chase lizards. I love to chase lizards--never catch them though, they taste like rotten toes.

I'm Thinking

I'm Thinking

Friday, July 27, 2012

Who Eats Carrots?

I, Peaches, am sharing information. It is second handed, but Mom told me, and I trust Mom to tell the truth.  She asked me who eats carrots, and I immediately remembered that horses loooove carrots. Not me, I don’t like carrots. Rabbits do. Rodents do, but polar bears?


Yes they do.

 I wouldn’t have believed it unless Mom saw it with her own two eyes. I didn’t see a polar bear for Mom won’t take me to the Zoo. Don’t know why, just think of all the things I could chase, come to think of it maybe that’s the reason she won’t take me.

Okay, my family stood outside the polar bear area, watching through the glassed-in enclosure, and low and behold, one polar bear had a basket of carrots, and she was pulling them out and munching away on them—not just using like dog raw-hide chewer, but eating them.

Another bear was in the water holding a carrot between his paws and gnawing away. Who would have thought?

The San Diego Zoo has introduced another astounding thing, and that is the pairing of dogs with cheetahs and dogs with wolves. That is one cheetah and one dog. The dog and cheetah are born about the same time. They grow up together, and are Best Buds. They play together, live together, eat together. They take walks together around the Zoo with a keeper. They go on Ambassador Trips, and the dog sets the tone for the wild one. When the dog is relaxed so is the wild one. And we know dogs looove people. I do. I looove my person.

News from me,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Live like someone left the gate open

I Peaches am a happy dog, all dogs are happy unless something terrible happens in which case we are sad dogs. Existential, don’t you think?
Existential—a word I learned from mom, fancy word for being in the moment. Dogs know that—don’t have to be taught.
Joy is lying in the sunshine, chasing lizards. You know what? A squirrel sat right outside the patio door the other day teasing me.  I yapped my head off until Mom let me out, and then I gave that squirrel a run for her money.  I didn’t want to catch the squirrel (well maybe), but the chase gave me goosebumps for half a day.…until a lizard came along, then I started all over again.

Happy lizards, good lizards, give dog fun stuff.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

While You Were Gone

“What happened while we were gone Peaches? Sorry I had to leave you, but it was 107 degrees in Las Vegas.”

I know Mom, I forgive you. You might think I lay around and slept, but you see, this happened:  I was skulking through the garden when I came upon a rodent bigger than a house. It had teeth the size of a T-Rex’s and slobber dripped—it was disgusting. Well, do you think I was scared?  Yep, I was, so I called Bear. Now Bear is big. Bear’s a Newfoundland, and they are big, but that rodent was bigger. Maybe it was a T-Rex.

It was red and yellow, and its eyes shone even in the daytime.

Bear and I hid behind the rose bush and planned what we could do about this invader monster rodent. We couldn’t let it wander around the property, it would scare you when you got home.

Did I tell you steam spouted from its nostrils? And it was bigger than Big Rock Candy Mountain across the road?

Well, it was.

Bear and I hatched a plan, we would sneak up behind it at night while it was sleeping. We would tie a rope around its feet, and hook it to the truck. When Dad drove away—bye bye monster rodent.

Our paws really can’t tie a rope, but we can bark. So we barked as loud as we could. We even barked into a garbage can which made our voices sound like 100 dogs. And you know what? That rodent ran right over the fence into the next yard. Now neighbor dogs have big hairy monster.

And we have none.

Yep, that’s what we did while you were gone.