My momma says that everybody and their dog blogs. I wasn't writing a single solitary thing, but I'm correcting that right now. When momma got me she named me The Pink Party Poodle for Peace, now I guess I'm The Pink Party Poodle for Peace Pontificating. My pontification of the day is to tell you that the purpose of life is to have fun, hee, hee, and chase lizards. I love to chase lizards--never catch them though, they taste like rotten toes.

I'm Thinking

I'm Thinking

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I heard Mom reading to Fuzzy Fur Face, that is Dad, that California—where we live—in the most optimistic place on earth.  That isn’t to insult any other place; it is just one man (Derek Siver’s) opinion.

”Will you come to my event?” you might ask, and people will say yes. ”Do you want to help with this project?” they will almost always say yes, full of enthusiasm, and 100% sincere, fully intending to be there, to help, whatever. They believe they will do it. But when it comes to the time of doing it, and they’ve optimistically said “yes!” to a dozen other things too, or perhaps they’re just nestled in the comfort of their California home, maybe they are at the beach having fun, swimming, whatever, and then... well... they reluctantly “flake” - and won’t follow through.

Don’t get bitter and write them off as a fake, or backstabbers. Just understand that it’s a side-effect of sincere optimism, and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Momma and I were walking down the street of Burbank California and met a young woman such as Siver's describes. She was the sort of person that makes you think of champagne--where bubbles tickle your nose. She offered to help, but we didn't hear from her again. Although maybe just meeting her was enough to make us believe anything is possible…and maybe meeting us gave her courage to live her dream.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Don't Worry!

I, Peaches, Party Poodle for Peace, am a happy dog. Don’t worry about the future. Future will take care of itself. Many people don’t know how to be happy, don’t roll in grass, don’t know how to dig for moles and come to house with nose stacked with dirt. Don’t know how to give high-pitched happy bark in greeting, or how to give low bark than tells owner, “Check this out.”

Worry? I don’t worry—waste of time. Well, I did worry when I accompanied Bear to the Vet.  Couldn'thelp it! I thought I would have to go see the doctor, maybe be left there, but didn’t. Whew!
Can’t nap and worry.  Can’t chase lizards and worry. Worry takes away joy. I live for joy.

I have a job that makes me happy. I look after my people and the house. I go for rides and walks with family. I keep lizards away from the door. I keep Obi Kitty away from my food dish too—cats are so sneaky.


An aside from Mom. Little Peaches has Addison’s Disease which is not a disease, but a condition. It means her adrenal glands are not working properly.
Peaches lives with her chronic health condition. We take care of her, we give her medication, she maintains. She goes about her life in a positive way. If she feels poorly we give her more subcutaneous fluid. She makes a contribution to life. I love her, she loves me, and she pontificates on her blog…